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Kubrir Invernaderos SAS - Mantenimiento
The best use and lifespan of our structures and covers will depend mostly on the preventive maintenance done to them. Being able to find a small damage and avoiding for it to become in a bigger risk or more expensive damage is something that can be handled with frequent visits and/or inducement to the personnel that is constantly in the area.

Our structures contain elements and materials or supplies of the highest quality and can be only affected by the vehicular impact, heavy machinery or extreme situations.

When the covers reach their guarantee time they lose some of their properties (filters, additive, inhibitor, etc) and part of its mechanic resistance. Although we can extend its lifespan, it is important to program its renovation and have the parts to replace with enough time.
We also recommend having a small stock of the main materials (polyethylene, staples, and saran). This will help solve any eventuality that requires reparation.

For “KUBRIR” it's a priority to accomplish with the premise of our Quality politic that involves a soon accompaniment.
You can count on our recognized experience, constant technical monitoring and an excellent will to attend your needs in order to preserve and extend the stability and functionality of the structures and covers.