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KUBRIR is in the capacity of building any kind of Green House or flexible covers and warehouse using Polyethylene, semi rigid no translucent materials and Saran mesh.

  • We have a great experience in the construction and design of COMPOSTING PLANTS.
  • We also build WIND DEFLECTOR BARRIERS and containers of particular materials.
  • We also include covers for the poultry farming sector.
  • In AQUACULTURE we make covers for the control of the temperature in fish and shrimp pools.
  • We design structures for the stabling of cattle and other uses in pig farming.
  • We elaborate covers for the drying of every type of material (wood, coal, coffee, raw material, sugar cane mash, etc).
  • We design and build flexible covers for sports centers, parking lots, yards, farms, terraces and social zones.

KUBRIR also has an Engineer department dedicated to design and develop the civil work for its constructions and includes all the light and heavy machinery needed for these cases.