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KUBRIR, is the great knowledge inheritance of our founder, Mr. Jorge Arturo Jaramillo Ocampo that wanted to share and contribute to the Agro industrial sector in Latin-America. His parameters of constancy, quality and honesty are now the essence of our accurate steps.
Kubrir Invernaderos SAS - Fundador Jorge rturo Ocampo
Today “KUBRIR” with its efficient and innovating designs, with the use of materials of high quality and traditional accompaniment, is leader in the construction and maintenance of these types of structures.

To this we add the support of a great human group constantly trained and dedicated to the accomplishment of the professional and personal security standards, these values confirm the essence of our mission.

This way the positive and growing presence of our brand in several countries make obvious the achievement of our international vision. KUBRIR, an absolutely reliable company and right hand of agro Industry.